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Highest quality masking products
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Caps and plugs for coating processes

All our offered caps and plugs are made of high-quality, heat-resistant silicone that can withstand high temperatures (the products are divided into two groups, heat-resistant up to 315 ° C and up to 177 ° C), so they can be used repeatedly. Squeezing the products with your fingers will quickly remove any coatings that were applied during the manufacturing process.

We provide customers with a variety of shapes, sizes, caps, and plugs totaling more than 3 million different products. The plugs can be used for trough and closed holes, holes with or without a thread, and holes of any size. Caps can be used to mask threads or other exposed exterior components.


Heat resistant masking tapes

Our supplied masking tapes are produced from heat resistant materials. For our customers we offer adhesive tapes which are resistant for heat from 140°C to 260°. In comparison of typical adhesive tapes, all protective tapes which we provide don’t leave glue or tear traces when they are removed from the surface.

The same masking tapes, which have the same qualities as adhesive tapes and are used to hide particular details or areas, are used to create stickers in a variety of shapes (circle, square, rectangular and etc.).

We can offer protective adhesive tapes of non-standard size or configuration according to the customer’s needs.


Metal hooks

Steel hooks in four different configurations are available from us and are designed for parts hanging on conveyors. Since standard steel hooks lose their strength and shape during heating processes, our hooks made of high-quality steel EN10270/1 (spring steel) can be used several times.

Our hooks can be produced in various configurations (turned, bended, etc.), and the wire diameter or length of the hook can be modified to suit the needs of the client. To order special hooks drawings should be provided by the client.


Adhesive protective films

Adhesive protective films that can be used to protect the surfaces of any sensitive materials during transport, storage and installation.

Our range of protective films is wide enough. We supply adhesive films with different technical parameters for different types of surfaces – from very low to very high adhesion strength, different thickness, color and different dimensions. We offer an endless variety of types of protective films for almost every type of surface that can meet the needs of most customers.

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Other products

Along with the standard silicone masking products, we also provide masking tubes, adhesive thermometers, swivel hooks, silicone foam cords, different masking rings, and non-standard silicone masking products.